Noahide Laws

Noahide Laws

The only God in the world that Judaism espouses, as a logical consequence, covers everything in the world: not only Jews but also non-Jews.

The Torah, which was transmitted from the One God to mankind through the Jews, also tells the story of Noah the righteous and Abraham the righteous. Noah and Abraham were not Jews because they were before the establishment of the Jewish nation, and the Torah, which tells us that their footsteps were righteous, also talks about what kind of life is good for non-Jews (that is, the commandments given by the one God).

These commandments for non-Jews were broadly divided into seven commandments and are called the “Seven Laws of Noah” because the seventh commandment of them was issued by one God to Noah. And when the Torah was revealed to Moses and millions of Israelites on Mount Sinai, the existence of Noahide Laws was communicated to the Jews, and it was ordered that the commandments should not be added or subtracted (Deuteronomy 4:2), that is, the set of commandments for the Jews and the set of the commandments for the non-Jews had been completed. The eternal teachings revealed by the good, omniscient, omnipotent, and eternal One God also include instructions on how to live for non-Jews.

  1. Do not worship idols

Only one God, the Creator of the world and the King of the world, should be worshipped. Idolatry is to take a part of the world, whether it is concrete or an imaginary being, and worship it as if it has the power to govern the world. Since idols are just a part of the world, but not covering the world, they cannot be the guarantors of the common justice of the world. Believing and worshiping is an expression that it is absolutely right, so worshiping idols is a contradictory act. In addition, the person who designates and worships a part of the world as a “god” is consciously or unconsciously thinking of himself as a god or more than a god who can designate a god, and therefore idolatry is also an act of arrogance. It is not good to act foolishly and arrogantly by worshipping idols.

  • Do not blaspheme the name of the One God

The world does not just exist meaninglessly, but was created from nothing by the one God, who is good and omnipotent, and wanted it to exist. Actively believing that the world exists meaninglessly is a contradictory and stupid idea. If the One God, the Creator, stop the power to create something out of nothing, the world will return to nothingness. Therefore, the fact we live is all an indication that the Creator, in His good will, desires the existence of each of us and entrusts us with a mission. Cursing His name or uttering it unnecessarily, in spite of acknowledging this existence of one God, are very ungrateful actions and should not be done.

  • Don’t kill

Man was created in the image of one God (Genesis 1:27). This means that man was created as a being with the potential to manifest the goodness of the one God. To harm a person (including oneself) is to harm this image of God, and therefore an act of evil. Murder is also the act of picking out the possibility that good could have been done in the future by the victim (and their descendants). And the good deeds of the victims or their descendants could be the last stone, with which the purpose of the world’s existence will be fulfilled, and the Messiah will come. Therefore, in Judaism, killing one person is considered to be equivalent to destroying the entire world. Also, since all people are kept alive by the one God who is good under His perfect good plan, killing a person is also a rebellion against the One God. In the sense that it offends the image of the One God, not only murder, but also bodily injury, name-calling and gossip that tarnishes a person’s reputation are prohibited as types of murder.

  • Don’t steal

Everything in this world is created by the Creator, and the Almighty Creator oversees the arrangement of all creation. Wealth, therefore, is ultimately not an individual’s possession, but is something that the One God trusts and arranges in each person according to his or her abilities and mission as a resource for good deeds. For this reason, the act of depriving a person of possessions in an inappropriate manner is an act that interferes with the good plan of the One God and must not be done.

  • Don’t commit adultery

Ethics can only exist when there is a boundary between good and evil, and the freedom to do anything is not good. There is also a line of right and wrong set by the One God for sexual relations, and the act of violating this line is adultery. Society is made up of people, and people are born from parents. The influence of parents on their children is significant, and a good society is continuously supported by good families who have children and parents who provide their children with a solid education about right and wrong. Let’s have the right relationship between men and women and nurture the next generation of goodness.

  • Do not eat meat cut from live animals

Adam was forbidden to eat animals, but after the Great Flood of the World, Noah was allowed to eat animals. But it’s not unlimited. In order not to cause unnecessary suffering, we were ordered to wait for the animal’s life to ceased to be active before taking the meat. This commandment is a symbol of the guiding principle that we should have compassion for the creatures of the world, cherish them, and use them only for good purposes.

  • Establish a Court of Justice

If there is no order in society, justice cannot exist effectively. As a society, we must have a court that judges what is right and what is unjust, and we must aim for a good society and respect social order. People should act towards building social order, and needlessly disturbing social order is an act that destroys the foundations of justice and is evil. But the social order must be just. The city of Sodom, which had a law against being kind to travelers, was destroyed by the One God. Being kind to others is an important act as the foundation of a just society.

Human beings, who are part of the world, cannot establish a universal justice alone that covers the world. Justice cannot be universal justice unless it is based on good and evil designated by the One God. Everyone lives by believing in something that is “good”, but true goodness is often hidden by the limits of each person’s greed and intelligence. Fortunately, through His revelation on Mount Sinai, the One God revealed His existence and the guiding principles of universal justice (the Torah, including Noahide Laws) to mankind. And we can learn the Torah and use it as a guidepost for how to live. May the Messiah arrive as soon as possible, the true goodness of the One God be disclosed to mankind, and the world be free of evil.