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Day: October 27, 2023

The test of the mind – Lech-Lecha

The test of the mind – Lech-Lecha

Abraham’s life was a series of tests, and he passed all of them. The tractate Avot states that “Abraham our father was tested in ten tests.” These tests offer an opportunity for people to achieve the impossible and grow into something greater than their usual nature.

Abraham’s test allowed him to break through the constraints of his personality and traits and become something he never thought possible. His story represents the story of each and every one of us. Every moment in this world is a test for the soul, demonstrating a person’s faith in G-d. The test is designed to see how strong the connection to G-d is. Does the soul remain true to itself in the face of a huge challenge: to turn the spiritual darkness of this world into light by keeping the 7 laws of Noah.

The same rule applies both in the lives of Noahides and the Jewish people. When a situation of crisis occurs on a global level, it means that it is necessary to add goodness and divine light to the world. The Land of Israel was given by the Creator of the world to the Jewish people only. Any attempt by non-Jews to dispute this or to take over the territories of the Holy Land by force is a violation of the commandments of the sons of Noah: the prohibition of robbery and murder.

This is a powerful lesson: when we face challenges, we must remember G-d’s presence and that He expects us to overcome them by behaving according to Noah’s 7 laws. Then, difficulties will disappear, and we open the door for Moshiach’s revelation when these values are embraced globally.

*This is from a series of articles by Rabbi Bernstein Moshe.